Louis Roederer Cristal 2006 Champagne 75cl - Gift Boxed


There's Champagne and there's Cristal, a legend ever since Czar Alexander II demanded it in specially commissioned clear bottles in 1876. The fact that the wine was not commercially available until 1945 merely elevated its cachet. Recently Cristal gained notoriety as the preferred Champagne of numerous high profile New York rap artists including 50 Cent and Puff Daddy. Sales continue to boom. 

Hugh Johnson calls it "fabulous, one of the most luscious Champagnes, racy but deeply flavoured" (Wine Companion). Its rare quality is derived from the Roederer family's marvellous vineyards, which rank 98% on the region's échelle des crus (a vinous league table). A fraction of the Chardonnay in the blend is matured in oak casks for added complexity. 

This is an exceptional Champagne, and this Cristal is capable of ageing fantastically, as well as being a delight to drink now


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