Louis Roederer Cristal 1989 Champagne 75cl - Gift Boxed


  • This Cristal Vintage is currently at it's peak.
  • Extremely rare.
  • Comes in the iconic orange 'Louis Roederer Cristal Wrap'.
  • 70cl Bottle.

So what does it smell of? Full, almost nutty maturity and some very serious fullblown, autolysed, Pinot characters. This is a very dry, substantial, full-bodied wine as it hits the front palate and then spreads its magnificent self over the breadth of the palate and slinks down the throat. You can feel that savoury, just-this-side-of-mushroomy aftertaste insinuate itself down towards even the lungs. This Cristal is a magnificent Vintage, extremely rare online or in-store, so purchase now from 2 Bear Steps at this cracking price.

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