Lanson Rose / Black Label Dual Pack 20cl Champagne Gift Set


1 x 20cl Black Label, 1 x 20cl Rose Label Rosé champagne with a beautiful pure colour with pale salmon touches. On the nose aromas of roses and fruit predominate, with discrete notes of red fruit. On the palate the initial impression is tender; well-rounded and fresh, this wine has harmonious balance and good length on the finish. Lanson Rose is the ideal Champagne to accompany white meats or fresh fruity desserts. The Black Label to the eye the brilliant, limpid colour recalls the characteristic straw tones of the Pinot Noir, with glints of amber. It is lively in the flute, with a fine stream of persistent bubbles. On the nose it gives an impression of vitality and springtime scents, together with hints of "toast" and from a variety of flowers. In the mouth a bouquet of ripe fruits and citrus create a sensation of plenitude and lightness. A pleasant racy wine with a long and lingering taste. To be enjoyed at all occasions.

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