Dom Perignon Vintage 2003 Rose Jeff Koons Special Edition Champagne 75cl - Gift Boxed


Many artists have their name associated with the prestige champagne brand Dom Perignon and in 2013 was that the artist Jeff Koons. A New York artist whose work is always tempting, but sometimes is described as over-the-top. In any case, very contemporary and much sought after.

Goddess of love

Jeff Koons' Balloon Venus proposes a new kind of idol, "a contemporary goddess of love that embraces its viewer in reflective corners". Koons has been inspired by the paleolithic figurine, the Venus of Willendorf, which was discovered by the archaeologist Josef Szombathy in 1908 and probably dates back to the year 23,000

"If I'm going to celebrate something then (I) have champagne." 
- Jeff Koons

Tasting Notes Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2003

Color: Deep pink with light amber and brass buttons.  
Nose: Rich and complex. Ripe fruit, figs and strawberries, with hints of guava and vanilla. 
Taste: Concentrated, lovely texture and silky. Finish with a distinctive minerality.

Dom Perignon Rose 2003 by Jeff Koons buy

Of course, a special gift, but also another great addition to your own collection of quality wines and champagnes special. If you want to order this champagne do not wait until tomorrow, because there are only a few copies available of this limited edition. He is now mature, but you can keep it for years under the right conditions. , Jeff Koons, Dom Perignon collaborated with other artists. Other famous names include: Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Newson and Martin Szekely. The result of the collaboration with David Lynch, you will find below the related products. 

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