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Dom Pérignon "Side by Side" Vintage Champagne 1996 (2 x 75cl)

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This is the exclusive ‘Side by Side’ special edition pack of Dom Pérignon 1996 and Dom Pérignon Oenothèque 1996.

It comes in a superb display case and offers the chance to taste both wines against each other. The Dom Pérignon 1996 has been ageing in bottle since 2003 and is considered a legend, one of their greatest ever vintages. The special Oenothèque 1996, which was released in 2008, is the wine’s second release and is officially one of the five greatest champagnes in the last 25 years.

Both completely sold out and the special edition is perfect for a gift or a dinner, allowing one to taste this mythical vintage in two stages of its evolution. Dom Pérignon 1996 is a special wine, it was released in 2004 to a global fanfare, since then the 1996 has cemented itself as one of the greatest ever vintages, a legend. It is regularly compared to the colossal 1928 vintage, however, it still stands apart: no vintage on record has ever recorded an average 10.3% potential alcohol, yet maintaining such high acidity. After sixteen years ageing in bottle, most tasting notes reflect that it is only entering its true drinking window now, yet with such extraordinary ripeness, alcohol and acidity – the vintage is arguably “too good”. Dom Pérignon make an exclusive version of their prestige cuvee in their greatest vintages called Oenothèque which means ‘wine library’, referencing the extraordinary cellaring program it undergoes. The standard 1996 Dom Pérignon was aged for seven years on its yeast lees, the 1996 was originally disgorged (removing from its lees) in 2003. They kept back a tiny part of the original release for extended ageing. This was released under the name Dom Pérignon Oenothèque, and the 1996 is one of the greatest champagnes ever made.