About Us

Love Champagne is the leading UK luxury champagne specialist based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

Love Champagne provides an online boutique of the most prestige and luxurious champagne available to the consumer.

Our online shopping experience enables the user to purchase there favourite champagne at ease and have there purchase delivered next day.

Established in 2007, We have been trading in luxury champagne now for 6 years and have become the leading champagne supplier in the UK.

We are experienced and passionate about champagne and always at the forefront of the latest champagne trends and latest champagne gifts

Over the past 6 years we have grown enormously, sending luxury champagne all over the world.

We have matured considerably in the corporate environment dispatching large champagne orders for blue chip companies on a regular basis as well as broadening our customer base.

Here at Love Champagne we have something for everyone, because everyone deserves that little bit of luxury in there life. 

We specialize in luxury champagne, large corporate orders and limited edition champagne gifts.

We hope you love champagne as much as we do.


Ian Tay - Founder / Director Love Champagne Sales LTD - ian@lovechampagne.co.uk


Greg Hughes - E-Commerce / Marketing Manager - greg@lovechampagne.co.uk