Taittinger Collection 1978 Vintage Champagne Victor Vasarely 75cl


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Victor Vasarely was born in Hungary in '08. His extraordinary talent for drawing was apparent by the tender age of seven. He studied the works of Kandinsky and Le Corbusier with enthusiasm before moving into abstract art as early as '47, clearly defining his principles of abstraction. He co-founded the Galerie Denise René, with which a first group of abstract artists associated itself, and advocated the progressive and complete rejection of traditional academic painting and techniques, as well as the desire to achieve harmonious compositions, purely constructive solutions, while retaining only the essential geometric shapes. Vasarely died on Wednesday, 19 March '97 at the age of 89. Vasarely, who initiated kineticism, is renowned worldwide for his Vegas (geometric patterns creating an illusion of relief). Vasarely used these Vegas to inaugurate the first bottle in the Taittinger Collection.The 1978 harvest was one of the smallest in the history of Champagne since the pre-war period (78 million bottles). The gathering was preceded by a particularly beautiful and sunny late summer. The result was a high alcohol level in the red grapes and a high quality harvest. The Taittinger Collection Brut 1978 was produced from 40% white Chardonnay grapes from the best vineyards of the Côte des Blancs and 60% Pinot Noir harvested from the best vineyards of the Montagne de Reims.

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