Pommery Louise Cuvee 1999 Champagne - 75cl - Gift Boxed

£119.98 £139.98

Everything about the Pommery Cuvee Louise screams exception. First there is the fact that the Vintage is only developed in years of outstanding wine promise, and secondly is the fact that grapes come from a limited selection of 3 Grand Cru vineyards - namely, Avie, Cramant and of course, Aÿ. Only 7 years of enhancement and ageing will do to bolster this wine's formidable flavours. Elegant and enlightened with every Pommery attribute, it is a Champagne that has been pushed as far as possible to create the ideal blend. Made up of 60% Chardonnay and 40% Pinot Noir, the Cuvee Louise 1999 vintage can be picked out of the crowd by its striking yellow dress, singed slightly by a lightly brown and decadent appearance. The bubbles are, as one would hope, very fine and a mark of its overall quality. The first nose offers up floral notes and then yellow fruit strikes, along with brioche aromas that'll have you pining for more. On the palate, the Pommery Cuvee Louise vintage 1999 is adorned with spicy notes. This is swiftly followed by hints of almond which elevate the flavour further. Thanks to 1999 being a year where excellence reigned, this bottle is long and graceful and one to enjoy at occasions which reflect the same precious charm.

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