Pommery Champagne for 2014 January 08 2014

Pommery is champagne that might of gone unheard of in times gone by, but 2014 could well be there year!

Here at Love Champagne we are always excited when we receive the latest Pommery products and we cannot wait to get them into stock and try them for ourselves!

The Four Seasons collection has been one of our all time favourites, a champagne for every season of the year...what is better than that?

From the extra dry Pommery Falltime to the exceptional Blanc de Blanc summertime we are all really spoilt for choice.

Pommery also get a 10 out of 10 for aesthetics, there bottles are always the most elegent and sexy looking champagne bottles on the market, this is evident in there oh so popular champagne miniature range.

That is enough chat, check them out for yourselves!